Our exclusive venue management system that controls and schedules music, lighting, and media content built for holiday parks, pubs and other venues in the entertainment and hospitality sector.

Venue Control

Running off our bespoke EVENT software, our touchscreen interface gives you full control of your venue, fully modular and adaptable to your venue’s needs. Change in your venue? No problem. With Command, we provide remote network diagnostics and programming changes so Command can adapt to any developments in your venue.

Coded and designed with your venue in mind. Command runs through a Network connection both wired and wireless, giving you full control wherever you may find yourself in your venue.

Create Presets that can adjust the volume, and lights and change the channels displayed on your screens with the single touch of a button. See what each screen is playing on a clear map of your venue and control the volume, channels, screen output and the music that is played and shown in your venue with one easy-to-use piece of software.