Willow's bingo platform is comprised of three software applications: BiGD, Willow Game Manager and Willow Link Manager. Each application plays a unique role in the creation, management and play of linked and local bingo. Willow are certified by the Gambling Commission, meeting all RTS Technical standards, to provide both local and linked bingo.



BiGD or Bingo information Graphical Display manages the display of rich media bingo content. The software reads the string of data presented to it and converts the feed into a custom designed graphical format. This string of data can come from legacy bingo equipment or from Willow Game Manager.

Willow Game Manager (WGM)

Willow Game Manager controls the bingo game from start to finish. It contains an advanced RNG management engine that can run multiple licenced RNGs, including Cowells Arrow and our own Gambling Commission approved number generator. It also stores and verifies perm files, and provides the ability to create new games instantly when connected to a verified permatation. Willow Game Manager links back to our web-based CMS platform to provide full cash control reporting including sales, ticket details, winners detail and any other requested requirements. The smart perm tracking allows users to see how many calls away a winner could be, and instant, fully accurate validation of winning tickets.

Willow Link Manager (WLM)

The Willow Link Manager provides the ability to link together systems, whether that is multiple systems within a venue, across the country or across the world. Linked through the internet into web servers the Willow Link Manager provides a robust and reliable solution, that gives provides fully logged reporting and verification across systems. Through this application we can provide a range of Ithird party platform intergration, including EPOS and back-end accounts software.