SVMedia is our robust digital signage solution that is paired with our powerful web-based CMS system. Designed for all types of venues in mind from bingo halls to pubs. With our CMS system, you can upload and schedule both image and video files to play on our SVMedia Players in your venue.

Content Syncing

Your media player will be assigned playlists that display content on your signage screens. Using our simple CMS system, you can create adverts by uploading your content to the system and assigning it to the required playlist. Our SVMedia player will check for new content every ten minutes so you can be sure that your content will not be missed.

Multiple sites? No problem! Our CMS system can run an abundance of sites and uploading adverts to sites is as simple as ticking a box when the content is uploaded.



Our CMS system is robust and if you need adverts showing at a certain time or even during a certain number of days schedules can be set so content runs when you need it. Our system allows for several schedules to be placed on one advert so no matter how complex the timeframe is, SVMedia can handle it.


With our ‘Event’ feature, you can set adverts as events. With this only the required content will play on your signage screens for the time you have set, you will never have to worry about a mistimed advert ruining the moment of a special event in your venue.